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2017 Sermon Series

Upcoming Sermons for 2017

Picture of earth from space

Then Jesus died

Discover the difference the death of Jesus made in the world and can make in your life - March 18

Picture of Jesus hanging on a cross.

The Humility of Christ - Starting May 6

Humility is the greatest need of our world today. Humility sets Christianity apart. Humility should be the difference between Christians and the rest of the planet.

Picture of Jesus washing disciples feet

Despicable Man - Hope for the rest of us - Starting June 3

You've got issues. So did the men and women in the Bible. God didn't always use the best and the brightest. There is hope for you and me. There is hope for the other guy too.

Picture of wilted plant

Conquering Problems: Keys to a Successful Life - Starting July 22

Find keys in the life of Joshua to break down walls in your life.

Picture of person standing on mountain top

Reshaping Moses - Starting August 26

God had to rebuild Moses in order for Moses to fulfill his purpose. God desires to rebuild you.

Picture of Moses holding the 10 commandments

Meeting God in the Sanctuary - Pattern, Method and Meaning - Starting October 7

Picture of Lamb

The Fullness of Time - The Cryptic Birth of Christ - Starting December 2

Picture of stable with star overhead‚Äč