Why Bags of Love?

Thank you for your support. We have delivered 288 bags so far!

It's My Very Own is a program for children who are removed from their homes due to the illegal activities of their parents. For example, in cases where Meth is manufactured in the home many of these children lose everything they have because it's all contaminated.

My Very Own provides a Bag of Love to each one of these children. The handmade cloth bag (about the size of a pillow case) contains several items, including a handmade quilt, a stuffed animal, and age and gender appropriate toys and personal care items.

Since these children are traumatized in some way we want these to be durable items that will last, please no dollar store toys.

Below is a list of suggested donations (Items must be new and in their original package, and no items needing batteries):

Toy Cars
Gel pen sets
Journal (Teens)
Big stuffed dog in a bag
Flash drives (Teens)
Baby bottles
Deck of cards
Craft/activity sets
Regulation size footballs or soccer balls
Toys for various ages
Large stuffed animals (like new)
Personal hygiene items

To donate items or money call the Transformation Life Center Church office 360-943-1370 or send a check to TLC, 1717 Eskridge Blvd, Olympia, WA 98501-3639. Please make checks payable to Bags of Love.

Thank you for your generosity and for choosing to support the children of our community.

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