Transformation Under Grace

When I first made the decision to come to TLC, I was at the tail end of my search for the truth. The emptiness I felt was a mystery having searched for worldly fulfillment in vain. Knowing that I was prideful, broken, and guilty, I came to this church to give my daughters a chance at heaven. I rationalized that if I was no longer worthy of Jesus because of how many times I made treaties with God and broke them, I wanted my kids to have a chance to go to a place of joy and happiness after this life. Having played with Existentialism, Buddhism, and Christianity, I was half-heartedly committed to entrusting God with my children. Have you ever been convinced that grace was not for you but for someone else? That you would be left outside the gates of the kingdom as you watched your loved ones enter? In my quest for grace exclusively for my children, in time, I discovered that grace was for me too! Jesus was patient with me as I sought after His love; He was gentle and kind. He gave me the truth from His Word that He died, not for some, but for all. My friends, look at yourself through the eyes of Jesus and know that you are loved. He died for the lowliest of sinners, for a sinner like you and me. Praise be to God that we are given grace through the cross. It makes my heart overflow to know that I cannot do anything to make God love me. His character is such that he just does. In my gratefulness, I am receptive to God’s law of love and strive to be my best because Jesus loves me. In Christ, we can all live with joy, have peace in our hearts, and love ourselves and others beyond our self-doubt.


1717 Eskridge Blvd SE
Olympia, WA 98501-3639

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9:15am: Community Services Open


7:00am and 6:00pm: Prayer Meeting


10:00am: Bible Study

11:00am: Worship Service

Every 3rd Saturday

1:00pm: Potluck