Beyond the Sermon

2019 Theme - Transformed by Glimpses of Jesus

For us as Adventist Christians, Jesus is at the heart of all our spiritual thinking - at the center of every Christian concept. He is the motive and the measure of all our living. As we see Him right in the middle of every message, every teaching, we begin to sense the meaning in the message and the truth in the teaching. But more than that, we are changed and continue to be changed, transformed by these glimpses of Jesus. It’s a rule of existence that by beholding we become changed. Here at Olympia Transformation Life Center we believe that Jesus is so ever-present that we expect to see Him everywhere, so influential that He is at the center of all that matters, so powerful that by just a glimpse of Him we will be changed in a moment when He returns and every moment until He returns.

December 2019

A Child Is Born; A Son Is Given

Jesus IS the human Child who was born, the divine Son who was given. This Christmas of 2019, join me as we focus our attention on the Child who was born, the Son who was given.Then we can sing the majestic mystery with new meaning, in the words of the traditional French carol,

Now is born the divine Christ child,
Play the musette, play the tuneful oboe,
Now is born the divine Christ child,
Sing we all and rejoice this day.

Pastor Mark