Beyond the Sermon

Friendship with Jesus

During the month of October we will be exploring a forever friendship with Jesus. How we can develop a personal relationship with our Saviour by spending time with him every day.


In the months of September we are studying the book of Revelation. Study with us and watch the YouTube videos to learn what God has told us regarding our current time. Warnings and promises to show us our Father's love for us.

2020 Theme - Transformed by Following

What does it mean to be an all-in follower of Jesus? What does it mean to, in the words of Jesus, take up your cross and follow? (Luke 9:23)

As we commit to move from Glimpses and Whispers of Jesus to actually Following Jesus, the Bible will be The Word which is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path.

But what does it mean to Follow Jesus as Seventh-day Adventist Christians? This year we’ll answer that question by looking at each of our Fundamental Beliefs, starting with #1, the Bible. We’ll see how Jesus is at the center of every fundamental belief. And to keep us focused on Jesus, we’ll start a simple Bible reading plan. Beginning with the Gospel of Mark, we’ll read short sections every day to keep our eyes on Jesus.

Here in 2020 we’re beginning a new chapter in our life together as a church, as a community of faith, as a family of believers. We’ve been catching glimpses and whispers of Jesus all during 2019 –glimpses and whispers that are trans-forming (Romans 12:2). If we follow the example of Andrew and John and all the disciples, this transformation is taking us beyond fan-dom –all the way to followers. Join me this year as we learn and commit to what it means to be an all-in follower of Jesus.

Pastor Mark