Transformation Life Center: Olympia Seventh-day Adventist Church

When you walk inside our church you can expect to find a diverse, caring community.  Our worship service features contemporary Christian music with a few hymns.  Our praise teams include varying parts of a full band depending on the Sabbath.  The service itself focuses largely on prayer and Bible teaching.  We have a distinct sense of mission as Seventh-day Adventists and we articulate it locally as "sharing the complete teachings of scripture with our community."  

We have active Sabbath School (like Sunday School) classes for all ages starting at 9:30 AM each Saturday (which we call Sabbath).  We have about 120 people on Sabbath morning for worship service at 11:00 AM and we are excited to have new people join us.  Our building was built in the 1970's when our congregation was about three times its current size so we have lots of room for growth.  Since our building was built we have planted two churches and helped to initate a third Spanish speaking congregation which has returned to meeting in our building on Sabbath afternoons.  On a good week the Spanish congregation can have as many as 120 as well.  

We are located close to I-5 right next to a neigborhood on the way to Olympia High School.  We are one of three Seventh-day Adventist Churches that run a private school open to people of every faith called Olympia Christian School.  Our school is part of the second largest private educational system in the world.  It features small class sizes with three teachers for about 40 students in K-8.  Our students consistently out perform the rest of our state in test scores.  We also help to run a local Adventist Community Service Center which provides food, clothing and general help to those in need.