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Community Services Open
Tue 1/31 9:15 am
Prayer Meeting
Wed 2/1 11:00 am
Models of God's Salvation
Wed 2/1 6:30 pm
Friday Supper with Matthew
Fri 2/3 6:00 pm

Bags of Love

Thank you for your support. We have delivered 288 bags so far!

It's My Very Own is a program for children who are removed from their homes due to the illegal activities of their parents. For example, in cases where Meth is manufactured in the home many of these children lose everything they have because it's all contaminated.

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Bangla Hope

There are 155 children at Bangla Hope Orphanage, most of which do not have parents or their family can not support them. Bangla Hope also has 11 village schools with approximately 100 students per school. Village students live with their family and attend school during the day. The love and care for the children at Bangla Hope Orphanage and village schools provides them with a safe place to grow and be educated, and have the opportunity to learn about Jesus in a country that has less than 1% of the population being Christians.

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Community Service Center

The Center provides clothing, food, household items, school supplies and Christian reading materials to our neighbors who need assistance. It is open to the public from 9:15 to noon on Tuesdays and is located at 1029 North Puget St, Olympia.

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Mobile Pizza Oven - Young Adults

Charles Richert, our Growing Young Leader, has organized the building of a mobile pizza oven ministry.

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