Bangla Hope

Jesus said, "Anything you did for one of my children, however humble, you did for me".

What is Bangla Hope?

There are 155 children at Bangla Hope Orphanage, most of which do not have parents or their family can not support them. Bangla Hope also has 11 village schools with approximately 100 students per school. Village students live with their family and attend school during the day.  The love and care for the children at Bangla Hope Orphanage and village schools provides them with a safe place to grow and be educated, and have the opportunity to learn about Jesus in a country that has less than 1% of the population being Christians.

Norman and Bonnie Krause, members of TLC, have the privilege of volunteering one month a year their service as a retired teacher and nurse.  Much of their time is spent  loving and playing with the children. Volunteers and sponsors are always needed and welcomed at Bangla Hope.

Norm and Bonnie Krause. Bonnie is wearing the dress a Bangladesh woman gave her.

The Stories

Meet some of the children at Bangla Hope:

  • Jasmine's mother became paralyzed when she gave birth to her. The father tried to take care of his five other children, the new baby, and his paralyzed wife besides operating his small ferry.  He couldn't do it all. When he brought Jasmin to Bangla Hope, her dirty little body was covered with sores. The string tied around her waist at birth for protection from evil was embedded in her skin and infected.

  • Trisha's mentally-ill mother was trying to bury her eight-month-old baby girl before villagers rescued the baby.

Make a Difference in the Life of a Child

You can sponsor a child or make a donation to provide a safe home or a Christian education to a Bangladesh child.

A smiling group of children at Bangla Hope.


Bangla Hope America

P O BOx 6853

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Phone: 509-586-4259




1717 Eskridge Blvd SE
Olympia, WA 98501-3639


9:15am: Community Services Open


11:00 am: Prayer Meeting


10:00am: Bible Study

11:00am: Worship Service

Every 3rd Saturday

1:00pm: Potluck